• 60th Genoa Boat Show
  • UnipolSai and SIAT are present together again at the Genoa Boat Show, the international exhibition that this year celebrates 60 years.
  • C.I.S.Co (Centro Internazionale Studi Containers)
  • It is official from today, May 12, 2020, the association of SIAT to C.I.S.Co (Centro Internazionale Studi Containers), a leading national organization representing public authorities and companies operating in Italy in the multimodal transport of goods. This new collaboration will allow SIAT to keep up to date with the latest operational, legislative, administrative and industrial news related to the transport world, and will also constitute a prestigious discussion table with the main operators in the sector. A further step towards the development of the freight branch.
  • Our best wishes to you
  • This year SIAT has decided to renew its commitment to FlyingAngels, a non-profit organization specialized in the air transport of seriously ill children to hospitals for specific medical treatment before it is too late. It's our way to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !
  • Gaslini Hospital Donation
  • Also this year we have chosen the Gaslini Hospital in Genoa. Thanks to our donation the Neurophysiology Centre of the Giannina Gaslini Institute has been able to buy a new apparatus for highly complex neurosurgical operations. This device allows an accurate study of cortical areas in real time during the removal of brain lesions. We would also like to thank Gaslini Onlus for the visit, the inauguration ceremony and the blessing of the apparatus which were held in the presence of Pietro Pongiglione, Gaslini President, the Head of the Department and above all we wish good luck to all the children!
  • Siat committed to sustainability
  • Siat, like the entire Unipol Group, has been engaged for years in sustaibability aimed activities and has now decided to give colleagues a reusable water bottle to encourage and promote reduced use of plastic. A small gesture for a big impact. The bottle can also be filled at the vending machine in the refreshment area.
  • Technical Conference 12th November 2019
  • On 12th November 2019, at the E. Montale Auditorium in Genoa, Siat presented the third edition of the Technical Conference.
    The conference was a big success in terms of participation and a great opportunity to get together and provide insights on various topics confirming SIAT's excellence in the field of Maritime Insurance and Transport.
    New institutional and regulatory issues were covered in the first part of the conference, while the roundtable discussions dealt with environmental changes and how they affect different areas and in particular their impact on insurance.
  • Genoa Sailing Show
  • Unipolsai and SIAT are present at the 59th edition of the Genoa Sailing Show, which will be held under the shadow of the Lantern from 19 to 24 September.
    A stand into a kermesse that promises to be a record show for the number of exhibitors and boats present, for bookings from all over the world and for the simultaneous events that will be organized around the city. Our Group is also present as a leader in leisure-craft insurance with innovative products that you can discover in Genoa during the Sailing Show.
  • Blood Donation
  • Another day dedicated to blood donation in SIAT.
    On Friday 5 April, a blood drive was organized together with AVIS Genoa in front of Via V Dicembre.
    Focaccia and a visit to the SIAT Museum were a pleasant break while AVIS volunteers had a busy day thanks to the many donors.
  • CRU Liguria - Port and City Project
  • On March 22nd at the Port Center of Genoa, CRU Liguria (Unipol Regional Council) held the monitoring meeting on the Port and City project that sees Siat , as a member of the CRU, involved.
    In the presence of various associate organizations such as LegaCoop, representatives of the Port Authority and the Porto Antico, the Municipality of Genoa and Giovanni Berrino, Councilor for Employment, Transport, Tourism and Personnel Policies, the state of progress of work was analyzed with growing enthusiasm for the projects in the pipeline and already underway, which see SIAT strongly committed together with the other realities in the area.
  • Services and Insurance for Pleasure Crafts
  • On 19th March, in the charming atmosphere of the Marina di Loano Siat and Unipol Group set sail for a successful synergy.
    In front of a large audience, a presentation was held on the services and facilities of the Marina di Loano, one of the 10 most beautiful marinas of the world, as well as Siat’s new product for pleasure crafts: SiatSail, a modular policy that provides all the covers a pleasure craft owner may need.
    Thanks to the synergy between Siat and Unipol, always united and on the same route, Marina di Loano customers will be entitled to a discount on a Siat / UnipolSai branded policy and, those owners who are already Siat customers, will take advantage of a discount on the mooring rates at the Marina di Loano.
    Siat and Unipol Group, always a safe haven, even in the most adverse waters.
  • 12th December 2018 - CHRISTMAS CONCERT - Young Musicians European Orchestra
  • Siat this year decided to participate, together with Unipol Group, in a charity fundraising event in favour of the displaced people and victims of the Morandi Bridge collapse. In particular, Siat is the main sponsor of the Christmas Concert on 12th December at 21:00 at the Basilica della Santissima Annunziata del Vastato in Genoa.
    The musical evening organized by Cooperativa Emilia Romagna Concerti, Aerco - Associazione Emiliano Romagnola Cori and Young Musicians European Orchestra conducted by Maestro Paolo Olmi, is part of a concert tour and our city is the final stage giving us the opportunity to combine music, solidarity and culture.
  • Technical Conference October 18 2018
  • The second edition of the Technical Conference on Blue Economy and innovation in container transport organized by SIAT took place at the Acquario of Genoa. Gian Enzo Duci (Federagenti), Ugo Salerno (RINA), Stefano Messina (Messina Group), Gianluigi Granero (CRU Liguria) and Fabrizio Viscardi (SIAT), coordinated by Francesco Ferrari (Il Secolo XIX) discussed the role of Genoa in the sea economy at the workshop held during the conference. The second part of the work, which dealt with various aspects of container transport, saw the presence of Dino Ettore Cervetto (RINA), Giampaolo Botta (Spediporto), Guglielmo Camera (Camera Vernetti Law Firm) and Elisabetta Capurro (SIAT), introduced by Alessandro Morelli (SIAT).
  • GENOVA nel cuore
  • 400 T-shirts “GENOVA nel cuore " This is the result achieved today by SIAT and UnipolSai employees in Genoa.
    Siat decided to take the orders of the T-shirts making it much easier to buy one and the response has been remarkable.
    The initiative to support the emergency that the collapse of the Morandi bridge caused to the city was launched by the institutions.
  • ColleghiAmo Genova
  • SIAT Assicurazioni together with Unipol Group have joined the ColleghiAmo Genova project: car-sharing to get to work to reduce traffic in Genoa, after the recent and disastrous collapse of the Morandi Bridge.
    Support the initiative! Go to http://www.jojob.it
  • 14 August 2018: a month later
  • SIAT also takes part in the day of remembrance and hope.
  • A.M. Best has affirmed the financial strength rating of A- (Excellent) of SIAT. More details in Finance/Rating


  • Fourth edition of the Master in Maritime Insurance and Transport
  • And here they are, the students of the fourth edition of the Maritime and Transport Insurance Master! The lessons started two weeks ago in Siat’s Sala Lanterna and will last until November. A great experience, not only for the students, selected by the University of Genoa, but also for all of us. An investment for the future and an important contribution to the training and development of young people.
    A firm commitment by SIAT and the entire Unipol Group. Good job guys!
  • Fourth edition of the Master in Maritime Insurance and Transport
  • The Liguria Regional Councilor for Communication, Training, Youth and Cultural Policies, Ilaria Cavo, the coordinator of the Master, Giorgia Boi, Professor at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Genoa, together with the 20 students and companies that support the Master and university professors were all present today, monday 4th June officially started the fourth edition of the Master in Maritime Insurance and Transport (MASMET). Our Group was represented by Giovanna Gigliotti, Chief Operating Manager and Claims Manager of Unipolsai, who held the lectio magistralis, as well as Federico Corradini, SIAT’s CEO and Giancarlo Beck from UNICA (Unipol Corporate Academy).
  • SIAT meeting with the German agency Lampe & Schwartze
  • Last year SIAT celebrated its 50th birthday.
    This year again in May yet another anniversary.
    It's been 50 years since SIAT started working with Lampe & Schwartze, the German agency in Bremen.
    Fifty years of work together, business, high mutual esteem and trust have been celebrated in Genoa these days. An opportunity to meet and plan the next 50! A special thanks to Hans-Christoph Enge (Managing Partner), Michael Lott (Head of Hull Dept.), Claudia Berkhout (Hull Dept. Senior Underwriter), Philipp Bartels (Head of Cargo Dept).
  • The President of AVIS Comunale Genova visits SIAT
  • The President of AVIS Genoa paid us a visit to hand us a plaque for the blood donations in SIAT together with all the colleagues of Unipol Group in Genoa.
    Dr. Rita Careddu delivered the token to our CEO and we took the opportunity to set out the next steps, because, to be honest we are the ones who thank these volunteers for their commitment and we will see them soon for future events to support their precious activity.
  • Annual Report 2017 on Line

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  • CruLiguria and Giovanna Gigliotti in SIAT
  • On 20th April 2018 the Unipol Regional Council of Liguria (CRU) gave the “green light” to the project "The port and the city". A project that will engage all the members of our "system" in an important path of activity and development.
    Giovanna Gigliotti, Chief Operating Manager and Claims Manager of Unipol and Gian Luigi Granero, President of Cru and LegaCoop. were present at the opening of the event.
    Giovanna Gigliotti then remained in SIAT to further develop the important synergies within our Group.
  • SIAT celebrates EuroFlora
  • For the first time, Euroflora will be held outdoors at the Parks of Nervi from 21st April 21 to 6th May.
    And SIAT joins the party in Genoa with a special dedication to seafarers.
    Those who go to sea know what passion, expertise and spirit of sacrifice mean.
    And we have always been close to those who go and work at sea.
  • SiatSail
  • On Thursday 22nd March the new SiatSail product set sail from Genoa with an extraordinary participation and a beautiful waterfront location.
    This product, with a single modular policy, provides all the required covers for the yacht owner: hull damage, civil liability for damage caused to third parties, injuries to skipper and passengers and finally assistance during navigation for yacht and passengers. The advantages of this policy are essentially three: modularity, completeness and technological support during the underwriting process.
  • MASMET - Master in Maritime Insurance and Transport, 4th edition
  • Masmet - Master in Maritime Insurance and Transport is at its fourth edition and SIAT has been one of the sponsors right from the start.
    SIAT is in fact amongst the creators of this Master which will mainly be held in our headquarters in the heart of Genoa.
    It could not be otherwise, since our company has a lead role in the transport insurance market.
    Starting from this year we are pleased to announce that our Group has also become a sponsor of this Master.
  • Blood donation
  • The Genoa headquarters has also been added to the list of Group offices that organize work-site blood donation drives.
    On Friday, January 26th, in front of the main entrance of Via V Dicembre, the blood drive was organized in cooperation with AVIS of Genoa.
    Focaccia and a visit to the SIAT Museum were a pleasant break while AVIS volunteers had a busy day thanks to the many donors.
  • Our best wishes to you
  • Once again this year SIAT has decided to donate funds that were usually meant for Christmas gifts in favor of two charity initiatives always linked to children. It’s our way to wish you a merry Christmas.
  • Christmas dinner at Palazzo del Principe
  • The Mayor of Genoa, Marco Bucci, accompanied by the Deputy Mayor Stefano Balleari, attended the employees’ Christmas dinner Wednesday, December 13th at Palazzo del Principe in Genoa. A welcome presence and an institutional greeting that ideally closed Siat’s celebrations for its 50th anniversary and consolidates the link between the first Italian transport and aviation company and the city of Genoa, where insurance companies were born. An important opportunity to plan future developments and exchange Christmas greetings.
  • Technical Conference 18 October 2017
  • In occasion of its fiftieth birthday, SIAT organized a Technical Conference entitled "Insurance Meets the Transport Industry: Challenges and Opportunities". The event, which saw the participation of many industry operators and a panel of leading speakers, has been an opportunity to take a closer look at some emerging issues concerning transport and insurance. The Conference will tend to become an annual technical event, consolidating SIAT as market leader thanks to its historical specialization in transport and aviation insurance.
  • SIAT meets the Municipality of Genoa
  • Also the City of Genoa wanted to celebrate the 50th anniversary of our Company.
    On the occasion of the discovery of America by a Genoese, the leading Insurance company in Transport and Aviation for over 50 years in Genoa was received by the Deputy Mayor Stefano Balleari who we thank for his hospitality. In the photos, the meeting with our CEO Federico Corradini. An opportunity to talk about Genoa, its history (the first insurance company was founded in Genoa) its future and possible synergies in a unique setting like that of Palazzo Tursi, one of the famous Palazzi dei Rolli.
  • SIAT Museum
  • On its 50th birthday, SIAT set up a small museum that remembers the salient facts of its history.
    Visit the Museum section on the website or visit it by making an appointment at SIAT Via V Dicembre in Genoa.
  • SIAT on Social
  • SIAT Insurance is also social.
    Follow us on Facebook and Linkedin as SIAT Assicurazioni and keep in touch.
  • Northwest Transport Business Meeting
  • On the 20th of July 2017, the business meeting with the Northwest UnipolSai agencies took place in the beautiful setting of the Lanterna Hall, located on the last floor of SIAT’s Head Office in Genoa. The topic of the day was related with the transport and aviation products development and was introduced by the District overseer, Domenico Siciliano. It was an intense morning that included presentations, product illustrations, business strategies, questions and personal experiences. The small walk on the roof of SIAT’s Head Office, where you can enjoy the view of most of Genoa and Liguria, was much appreciated, as well as the visit to the museum of SIAT. It has been an important business meeting which also confirmed the combined efforts in progress.
  • SIAT hosts Confindustria
  • On the 19th of July 2017 the Board of Directors meeting of the Finance and Insurance Department of Genoa's Confindustria took place in SIAT. Present, among many delegates, were also the President of the Confindustria, Giovanni Mondini, one of the Vice Presidents, Giuseppe Costa and the President of the Department, Maria Caterina Chiesa. SIAT's Head Office has also been selected for the celebration of the 50th anniversary of our company, providing an important occasion for introducing the company to other Genoese firms.
  • A.M. Best has affirmed the financial strength rating of A- (Excellent) of SIAT. More details in Finance/Rating


  • Annual Report 2016 on Line

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  • We have been sailing together for 50 years…
  • Happy Birthday SIAT!
  • That was a big party in Genoa on Thursday 25/5 for the 50 years of SIAT. In the photo you can see the cake cutting ceremony done by the President Fabio Cerchiai, the Vice President Francesco Berardini and the CEO Nazareno Cerni. Along with all the colleagues and some representatives of the Unipol Group we celebrated the first 50 years of the leading insurance company in Italy regarding the transports and aviation sectors. Now, we have opened the way for the next 50… Happy Birthday SIAT, we have been sailing together for 50 years!
  • Genoa as seen from our Head Office
  • We have been sailing together for 50 years
  • SIAT is creating another opportunity and is offering a service to Genoa and to all those around the world who want to see in real time the weather in “Superba”. A service that, like our business, is looking far away. From the over 60 meters high roof of our head office in the center of Genoa to the Lanterna, the harbor, where many of the fortunes of this city have originated and where the first insurance company was “born”. We have been sailing together for 50 years. Happy Birthday SIAT!
  • CruLiguria in Siat
  • “The CRU Liguria meeting took place in SIAT last 16th March 2017. President of CRU Liguria and Legacoop Liguria Gianluigi Granero, CRU Country Manager Aleandro Benuzzi, Simone Spataro of SCS Consulting and SIAT CEO Nazareno Cerni were present. After a brief overview of Siat’s history and programs, cooperation opportunities within the territory and current realities were explored, then the meeting continued with items on the Agenda.”
  • Polysomnograph Donation
  • As is tradition, on 15th December SIAT visited the Giannina Gaslini Institute of Genoa to deliver a medical instrument donated thanks to the money saved on some Christmas initiatives. Welcomed by the President of the Institute and by the staff of the Endocrinology Department of the Pediatric Clinic, we heard about the benefits of the polysomnograph, a necessary medical instrument to monitor the respirating rate during sleep and which will reduce, among other benefits, the recovery time of the young patients. We took the opportunity to wish a Merry Christmas to the young patients, their families and to all staff of the Department.
  • IUMI in Genoa
  • It was held in Genoa from 18 to 21 september 2016 the international convention of IUMI, the international union of Marine Insurance. They took part in the work of the convention 620 delegates coming from the 5 continents. SIAT has participated with own representatives in the technical committees and also as Platinum Sponsor.

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  • Annual Report 2015 on Line

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  • Annual Report 2014 on Line

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