On occasion of its 50th birthday, SIAT set up a small museum to give substance and form to the main facts of its history.

Thanks to the cooperation of many working and retired colleagues, a lot of material was collected that is attracting the interest of visitors and also of enthusiasts of our sector. The museum displays the history of the building, designed by Architect Vietti in 1956 and many documents and objects related to SIAT’s history: such as an authorization for insurance business dated 1967, the first minutes issued by the BoD, 1967 Maritime Register, books and texts in maritime insurance and transport, first Financial Reports and many other documents. Another very important collection is a number of items that have characterized the history of these 50 years, office machines that have actually become historical findings, telephones and an important section of gadgets. There are sections dedicated to Human Resources, IT, Communication and Marketing, Accounting and much more.

The museum can be visited by appointment at SIAT in via V dicembre in Genoa.